Pharmaceutical chemistry
Habotech has new drug R&D experience for domestic famous pharmaceutical companies. To provide clients with new drug R&D services which including active compound discovery, target validation, lead compound optimization to pre-clinical drug selection.

Synthetic chemistry
Habotech provides synthesis services of reference compounds, intermediates, candidate drugs, impurities, and metabolites……which ranging from milligram to kilogram scale. Habotech is able to provide high quality service for customers with its professional skills and high success rate of synthesis projects.

Technology research
Habotech is able to meet customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. We are equipped with kilogram-scale pilot laboratories, which lays a stable foundation for the scale-up and production of superior products, thus ensuring commercial production runs smoothly.

1. Quick start - to maximize efficiency and productivity, reduce the cost and time, Habotech is committed to providing customers with efficient service. Our experienced team could provides customers with rapid technology R&D service, IND implementation support and material production which used for toxicology studies and early stage of clinical trials.
2. Keep leading - the seamless connection from R&D, lab-trial, pilot production to commercial production. We have experienced R&D and production team which can do high-standard technology verification, safety and quality risk assessment.

Commercial production
Habotech can provide reliable commercialized products with its high-advanced workshops and equipments. Our technology optimization team improve the scheme continuously, review and track production process regularly, thus reducing products long-term costs if possible.