一、Source control
1. Process optimization - More cleaner and environmentally-friendly
2. Give up the process routes with high pollution and choose the raw materials with low pollution
3. Avoid projects with high energy consumption, high pollution and high risk

二、Terminal control
1. Classify the three industrial wastes
2. Set up a special waste storage warehouse
3. Entrust a professional third party to handle it
4. Pretreatment, recycling and reuse
三、The quality system
Establish a complete quality system → controlled document management →CAPAs tracking → customer audit → after-sales technical service → process verification → batch record review → establishment of stability data → equipment cleaning and determination


1. Occupational disease examination
   Provide regular medical examination for employees
2 . Labor protection
   Provide all kinds of professional occupational protective equipment for employees
3. Environmental control
Control the safety and health of the working environment strictly


一、 Process safety
1. Green process design and optimization
2. Regularly review new projects, systematically evaluate potential risks and take effective control measures
3. Regular safety review of the original process
二、 Equipment safety
1. Establish equipment files, and master the operating state and service life of the equipment
2. Make annual maintenance plan for pressure vessels, production equipment and special equipment
3. Ensure the effectiveness of fire control system, formulate complete emergency plan, and control the occurrence of accidents
三. Safe operation
1. Standardize the operation of employees
2. Conduct regular safety training and publicity for employees
3. Improve SOP of each position and equipment