Building Blocks
1. Over 3000 has been completed synthesis.
2. Over 1000 in stock from grams to hundreds of kilograms.
3. Over 100 suitable for scaling up.

Custom synthesis services
1. Providing high-quality and cost-effective custom synthesis services, from grams to tonnes.
2. Ability to tackle challenging chemistry with enabling technologies.
3. Delivery on time and ensure high quality.
4.  Domestic leading pharmaceutical outsourcing service company.

Process R&D Services
1. Process route establishment for innovative drug.
2. Process development &optimization.
3. Seamless process commercial production.
4. Process technology transfer.
Pilot and commercial production
1. Process developed in advance for core series products.
2. Assets to support preclinical, phase I-III, and commercial-scale need.
3. Efficiently complete each batch of 1-10kg projects using small and pilot-scale platforms.
4. Flexible, multi-purpose plants compliant with cGMP and high EHS standards.Ensure efficient, stable and safe production capacity.